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Just a quicky

I just wanted to say that I am not dead and I will be getting back to this journal really soon. Life has just been going by so fast.... and things have changed. But hopefully things will get back to normal.


Saying good bye is so hard to do...

Yesterday I saw the final episode of Doctor Who to feacture David Tennant and it was a tear jerker in more ways than one. I watched as the Doctor faced the Master and then helped him take his vengences against the people who made him the way he is. I watched the Doctor struggle over the last day of his life, trying to figure out wither or not he could stop his death or not and then finally give in. I watched him say good bye to all his friends and even see Rose one last time...

I'll have a better post soon but until then... Thank you David Tennant for being the 10th Doctor and showing me the wonderful world of the Doctor and his life. Thank you.
Brainiac and the Legion of Superheroes? Oh joy, the next great saga in the Legion begins. Finally, I’ve been waiting for an interesting little plot line for the ‘new’ Legion to grow out of. Besides, it gives Brainiac Five and chance to fight his ancestor again. I don’t think he’s done that since a R.E.B.E.L.S./Archie Legion crossover in 1990 something. I can not wait, and I can not wait for Levitz’s first chapter, which I will talk about… now!
Levitz is the first person in a long time who directly talks about the Legion in a long time. Unlike the other people in DC who seem to stealthily change the topic to more major DC titles (i.e. Blackest Night, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern) he talks directly what he’s going to do with the Legion. His first step is destroying a Legionnaires home world, and then doing crazy fun stuff. Its great! Though who’s homeworld is he going to destroy? Cosmic Boy’s? Lighting Lad? Brainiac Five? Who knows, but I can’t wait for the story ‘A Shot Heard Around the Universe’!
That’s all for now…

Future Perfect Chapter One

Welcome to FUTURE PERFECT chapter one! If anyone of you know a thing about the Legion comics, then you know about how much fun the Legion is. Just read and enjoy the fun! If you have any questions about the story line or characters just note me. I’ll be happy to answer any of the questions you have. Oh yeah, it’s a Supergirl/Brainiac Five coupling.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters contained with in this fan fiction. They belong to DC and those who created them. I just borrowed the characters. Please don’t sue.

“Like I was really going to say no to Kal-El’s old friends. Honestly.Collapse )

Pul Luviz's return to LOSH? Brains 'plode

With the news of only a little bit ago still buzzing in my mind, I spent a little time yesterday going through my collection of Legion Comics just to discover something interesting.

Luviz was the one who made the Supergirl/Briainiac relationship so strong. With his return to Legion of Superheroes, will we see a return of that relationship of old?

Oh, I do hope so.

My brains are still a little fuzzy from the news not to mention what is going on at work. I won't mention too much its just that I'm glad to be coming home after work on the 28th. I can't wait...

Anyway, that's all for now. A longer post will come later. Till then.

(I spelled his name wrong I know...)
Blackest Night #2 review

We start out in the bloody, ruined manor of one Hawkman and Hawkgirl, where in the last issue they had been beaten to hell and then killed, before coming back as Black Lanterns. Well, good old Atom Ray Palmer is still trying to get a hold of his best friend but he is so relieved when he answers that he doesn't notice how strange he sounds. Yeah, he'll be right over. *gulp.*
Then its over to Gotham city were Gorden and his daughter are having a nice little talk by the bat signal. Gorden tells her about how it is dark like that time when Batgirl never came back, and Barbra tells him there is always a light in the darkness and that the sun will always rise. Sweet woman. Their cozy little conversation is interrupted however when Hal Jordan lands on the bat signal, destroying it. Ow...
Things just get darker from there as we go to the place where Aquaman was buried and where Mera has agreed to move his body to Atlantis. Just as they are about to move it, they notice that the body is up and running around again as a Black Lantern. And he is out for revenge. Oh crap.
Then we go to Deadman who is trying to keep his body from coming back up from the grave but it not having a very good time of it. The body pops from the ground. Then we head down to D.C. where we learn that not everyone can come back from the dead. One Donald Hall is at peace, but his brother Hank is not.
Back to Aquaman's family reunion, Mera is fighting hard against her undead husben, much to his surprise. He said they should not be fighting, and mention Aqualad's dead girl and his former lover Dolphin was a mistake. Poor former Aqualad though doesn't only have to deal with Dolphin, but Tula the former Aquagirl. I really like Aquaman's undead sharks that he summons.
Then we head off back to Deadman's open grave, where the Specture, Zanthna, Blue Devil, and Doctor Occult are looking over the grave. They get a really unexpected visitor as a voice mutters 'Worlds have died, worlds will rise...' Guess who, its our old buddy Pariah who helped during Crisis on Infinite Earths. He is not around long, as black rings burst his body appart and claim the Specter as their host. Then we head back to Gotham were Hal is recovering, and getting Barbara to warn everyone. He only asks if he can borrow the Commissioner’s car.
Back the the Aquaman's fight, he is asking Mera is she wants him back. She only wants him gone. Former Aqualad freezes Dolphin's head and Mera cuts it off. But as Dolphin grabs her, she regrows it back. And Aqualad hopes, giving undead Tula the opening she needs rip out his heart. And as with Hawkman and Hawkgirl, he is brought right back to life as a black lantern, but not before he uses the last of his magic to push Mera out of the Lighthouse they had been fighting in and away from them. All that the twisted Aqua family wants is Mera to be with them, but she is not willing to go.
Then we go to the Flash, who hopes to burn the undead Martian Manhunter dead again. It doesn't work, and he brings to new Black Lantern Justice Ledge with him. Hee hee hee... Looks like more dark times are up a head for DC...

I really liked the art in this issue, along with the runing idea that the Dead will rise... How many more dead people will we see. And is Pariah is right, will all those destroyed earths come back? Oh gods, I hope not. Maybe though, we'll see a nice little Legion of Superhero story will and Pre-Crisis Supergirl as a Black Lantern. Who knows...

Ah yes, I'm here to post another entry into my journal.  I bet by now most people are getting tired of my lack of posts and proubably don't read this journal anymore.  Well, I get really busy with life and that's why I don't post often anymore.  Oh well though, I'm here to post another journal and to post the first chapter of my fan novel Future Perfect.

A little back story first.  A while ago, after the Teen Titans cartoon was taken off TV, I was forced to find a new superhero show to watch on TV.  I didn't like Spiderman all that much, and the old school Marvel stuff didn't interest me.  While surfing the channels one saturday morning, I happened upon a Legion of Superheroes preview.  It instently got my attention because of a certain green-skined robot boy named Brainiac Five.  I watched the whole first season but didn't get really into it until the second season. 

Then it was removed from TV before the force of Brainiac 6 could be defeated.  Thus, wanting to read more stories about the Legion, read the comics.  Through many readings of pre-crisis Legion, I fell in love with the Brainiac 5/Supergirl relationship.  Then I found out she died in Crisis and got deleted from existences.  To be honest, I was pissed.  As I watched Justice Leage Unlimited episode 'Far Away Home', I was happy again. 

Then I started writing this fan novel for one reason.  I wanted to read a Supergirl/Brainy story, but that's proubably not going to happen in the comics.  Too bad too.  I had to write what I wanted to have happen in the comics, and so Future Perfect came into being.  I hope you enjoy it, because I spent a lot of time researching for this story.  I pull a lot on the old comics and some of the events that took place in the show.  So, if you love the Legion, and all the characters inside, read on.  Oh, the Legion in this comic is a short of Fourboot Legion I guess, one of my own creation, but I pulled a lot of my ideas from the cartoon.  It will all be explained though in time....

Follow the link, since my computer is begin mean.




Son of Thunder Chapter one

In order to update my journal before I post the new chapter of After Image, I will post the XS fanfiction that has been my life work for a year or two.  If you ever heard of Xialion Showdown, then my version might scare you.  But even if you haven't, read it.  You might like it!

I do not own Xiaolin Showdown. It belongs to it's creator and WB. Please do not sue me.


May have some confusing moments, and may have character death in later chapters. Be aware that there will be new characters as well as some OOCness in this fan fiction. Also.. This fan fiction was written for fun. Also beware of some serious story line twist. I tend to pull away from the creators original vision of her story and make it my own. Some facts will be wrong, compared to the true TV show. But just ignore those, it's all for the sake of the plot. And characters.

Chapter One: Son of Thunder FoundCollapse )

Almost out

Well, things have been pretty boring here in the south.  I'm going to school to learn my job and I'm almost out of here.  I won't get home though in time for Thanksgiving though, and I'm really sad about that.  My Aunt is suppose to come and it was going to be a special thanksgiving.  Anyway...

I'm rereading Wicked right now, great book.  And no, I haven't seen the musical yet.  I'll see it when it comes out on video, which it should soon.  I can't watch The Wizard of Oz though because of Wicked because the Witch is so blah in it.  And Dorthy... don't get me started on her.  XP

Yes, I'm working on After Image, and it should be up soon.  Once I get home anyway, which will be in a week or two.  Also, I'm working on a big Harry Potter project and if you want me to post it here please tell me.  Anyway, that's really all I have to say for now.  Till next time!

Avatar? It's never over!

While at A school, I will have some time to work on my fanfictions.  So soon I will have the next chapter for After Image up.  And also, if you like Avatar, I will have a fun little fanfiction to post here.  Techno Paradice.  ITs a little AU fanfiction where instead of winning the war, they lost it.  So they are reincarnated a thosand years later into a new world where the Fire Empire rules.  Its a hard little thing to write, but I promise it will be good.

That's all for now!  Bye!